Art Basel – Scope Miami with Project Gallery


During Art Basel Ian Ross showed alongside Cantstopgoodboy at the Scope Art Fair in Miami.  In a booth hosted by our friends at Project Gallery, Ian displayed his 4th iteration of his spray can instillation, titled “Pledge of Resistance”.

As explained by Ian. “For Scope Miami I wanted to take my spray can installations to a new place. This particular piece is the fourth iteration of a simple organic process using spray cans as a medium. When assembled on their sides the tops created a pixelated pattern, similar to cell structures in plants. By starting with the entire piece spray painted black, I could achieve the illusion of extreme depth by spraying chunky white paint from a “hose valve” from high above, catching the tops of the cans as white pigment fell like rain or snow, shadowed by the various heights of the cans. I added small red spray caps for a pop of color on the tall cans which protruded into the viewers space, and blue transparent paint on the smaller cans which had not been touched by the falling white particles. The red white and blue was now a dark rectangular form with ominous undertones. “Pledge Of Resistance” was born. I am not a graffiti writer, but the risks taken by those who write their names on the walls of a city has always inspired me, and in a way this piece is my take on their anonymity.”