Art Basel – Ian Ross Wynwood Mural “Love Your Fear, Fear Your Love”


Located at 2032 NW 2nd Ave in Miami, our friends from Project Gallery commissioned Ian Ross to wrap an entire 6,000 sq/ft building on NW 2nd Ave in Wynwood Arts District.

As explained by Ian. “The mural is monochromatic with metallic highlights, a style I’ve been really focused around the last year. By removing color, the work focuses on textures and forms. The extremes of black and white elude to good and evil, day and night, positive and negative energy. The opportunity to paint an entire structure in a street art epicenter like Wynwood seemed the perfect opportunity to go big, and push the format to its limits. I structured forms and shapes around massive letters, hidden inside the dense details of the composition, spelling out “Love Your Fear”. The back side of the mural is a much less visible portion, but still a continuation of the entire aesthetic, spelling out a second “Your”. The tittle of the mural is “Love Your Fear, Fear Your Love” speaking to the “only two” human emotions, and my personal spin on the struggles I go through as an artist. I find that the most satisfying moments in the creative process often include love and fear, and both are vital to creating work and progressing. The words on the mural are deeply embedded into the dense landscape of shapes and lines, all highlighted with metallic silver to create a luminescent effect as the viewer passes by, and light sources reflect differently.”