Allison-TornerosHueman, born Allison Torneros, is an LA-based self-described “freestyle artist” who likes to create colorful, spontaneous pieces inspired by human behaviors and emotion, working both in the studio and street.  Torneros graduated from UCLA in 2008 with a degree in Design/Media Arts and has gone on to create works for Disney, MTV, Playboy and Nike.  She has been featured in The Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly, and in blogs like Complex, Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz as an artist to watch out for. Her street art can be found all over the world, in cities such as San Francisco, London, Miami, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Her most recent solo project, Ritual (July 2013), involved spending 9 days in a 6,000 square foot warehouse creating a large floor-to-ceiling immersive mural installation, completely off the top of her head.

Hueman begins her artistic process by freestyling with paint splatters and rhythmic strokes, then stepping back and letting the images emerge from the chaos.