Nataliya Tyaglo
Nataliya Tyaglo

Nataliya-Tyaglo-2Nataliya Tyaglo is a Ukrainian-American artist who specializes in paintings, drawings and live art performances.  She also regularly hosts drawing and painting classes at the Rocha Art.

Nataliya is known for painting dynamic movement, rich, vibrant color, and symbolic meaning.  She finds rhythm and a flow in music, cities, people,  capturing the way things move, grasping a sense of character and life. She is deeply intrigued with how we use language and symbols to communicate, encode, and preserve meaning. She enriches each composition with visual symbols to give her patrons a personally significant work of art.

Her work has been sold internationally and exhibited across the US including the De Young Museum in San Francisco, the General Consulate of Ukraine in San Francisco, Art People Gallery in San Francisco, Francesca Gallery in Sausalito, the House of Representatives in Washington and the San Francisco World Trade Center.

Originally born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and in 1994 came to San Francisco to attended the School of the Arts, and graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in the Interdisciplinary Studies of Psycholinguistics in 2007. After graduation she studied and collaborated with various artists; most recently completing an international art-apprentice program in L’viv, Ukraine under an amazing and  nationally acclaimed Ukrainian Artist: Sergiy I. Ivanov.

Today she captures weddings paints live at events across the nation, she teaches art to children and adults in the Bay Area, and regularly exhibits at Rocha Art in San Francisco.