“Wander & Wayfare” opens May 29th


 May 5th, 2015 – San Francisco, CA, For many artists, painting murals fuels a sense of wanderlust: Those who create public works often travel far and wide to leave their marks on cities across the globe. And with the world becoming increasingly interconnected, technology has enabled street artists worldwide to foster a sense of community.  

This idea of travel as a source of creative inspiration is the concept behind the first annual Wander & Wayfare, a mural festival and exhibition coming to San Francisco this May. Co-curated by Daniele Rocha of Rocha Art and artist Allison Hueman Torneros, the line-up features Hueman (Oakland, CA), Lauren YS (Oakland, CA), Christina Angelina (Venice, CA), Caratoes (Hong Kong), Elle (Brooklyn, NY), Kristin Farr (San Francisco, CA), Amanda Lynn (San Francisco, CA), and Tatiana Suarez (Miami, FL). The artists will be painting murals across San Francisco throughout the month of May (neighborhoods TBD). Painting will be in full swing by the week of May 18, and on May 29, the exhibition component of the project will debut at Rocha Art with an opening reception from 8pm to 11pm. 

Wander & Wayfare evolved as a natural extension of the artists mutual professional respect and friendships with one another. The way I’m connected to everyone in the line-up is that I’ve met them all while traveling, said Hueman. San Francisco is a meeting point, one among many. I’ve hung out and painted with these girls in New York, Miami, Hawaii, and Los Angeles, and through that, there is an exchange of ideas and inspiration.

Though its not the central focus of the project, its no coincidence that the artists in Wander & Wayfare are all female. Hueman and Rocha wanted to create a platform for women street artists working in the notoriously male-dominated field. With a noticeably small percentage of female artists at similar international street art festivals, Wander & Wayfare is a way to promote the work of high-caliber female artists while simultaneously beautifying two of San Franciscos burgeoning neighborhoods. The project comes hot off the heels of the launch of Daniele Rochas new non-profit, 1 Brush Initiative, which she is using to spur the creation of new public art throughout San Francisco. With its carefully curated line-up of female artists of different backgrounds, it sets the tone for the inclusion of more diverse voices in San Franciscos art scene and the street art world at large. 

About Rocha Art: Rocha Art is an art gallery and curatorial platform founded by Daniele Rocha, Ian Ross, and Rob Evans in 2015. Located at 466 Brannan St. in San Francisco, Rocha Art exhibits a diverse roster of contemporary artists, hosts educational panels, and organizes fundraisers for local charities that empower women and youth. Rocha Art founded the sister organization 1 Brush Initiative, a non-profit that sponsors public art projects and invites professional artists to teach art classes to youth at underserved schools and in the juvenile justice system. Visit the gallery Tuesday through Friday, 1-7 p.m.

About Hueman: Allison Hueman Torneros grew up in the Bay Area and received a BFA in design and media arts from UCLA in 2008. Since then, she has exhibited in galleries and painted murals internationally. Known for her bold juxtapositions of abstraction and portraiture, her work has been featured on CNN, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, LA Weekly, and other high-profile media outlets.

A big thank you to the partners and donors who are making this project a reality: donors Liz Hart, Debbie Rachleff, Tyra Fennell, NYX Cosmetics, and partner @instagrafite 

Wander & Wayfare opens May 29th, 2015, located at Rocha Art466 Brannan St. San Francisco, CA, and runs until June 19th, 2015.


Friday, May 29th, 8-11PM

 Rocha Art, 466 Brannan St. San Francisco, CA

info@rochaart.com  ♦  http://rochaart.com